Scholarship Application


Student Eligibility: Support for Talented Students (STS) scholarships are awarded only to children whose parents or guardians demonstrate financial need and who meet the following criteria:

·   Applicants must be currently in grades 3 through 11.

·   Applicants must be identified as gifted or talented according to the Rule of the State of Ohio.

·   Preference will be given to students who have not previously received an STS scholarship

Eligible Enrichment Programs: It is recommended but not required that the student attend one of the programs to which students have recently been awarded scholarships (see the "Summer Programs" option on the upper left portion of the main page of the STS website, These programs meet STS’s criteria for acceptable activities and their directors work with us to simplify the process of registering our scholarship award winners into their programs.

You may, of course, apply for a scholarship to a program not on this list. Be aware, though, that STS will have to investigate the program to determine if the program meets our criteria as an academically- or artistically- focused activity. If it fails to do so, the scholarship application will be rejected.

Choosing a program for your child:

Acceptable Programs are programs focused on ACADEMICS or THE ARTS, such as:

·         Math/computer courses; science and engineering camps

·         Art, theater, music, and dance instructional programs

·         Writing and language workshops; entrepreneurship studies

·         Chess programs (NEW this year)

Not Acceptable Programs:

·         General-activities camps

·         Sports camps

·         Military school programs

·         Any programs outside the continental United States

In the application, you will be asked to provide information for the program you would like your child to attend.

1. Every application must include the name of the Program, Session name, the start and end dates, cost and requested amount.            

2. If the requested Program is not on the STS “Summer Programs” list, The application must also include a statement describing the program's main goals activities. Almost every program makes this information available online.

Remember, the registration in the desired program is a separate process; you must apply to and be accepted by the Program as well.  Go the Program's website and follow its instructions. The student must be accepted to the Program and Session for the specified start and end dates before the scholarship money will be sent to the program.

If the program's application process is available only on-line and it requires a pre-payment (often by credit card) to complete its registration process, do not make the payment. Contact STS by email, by phone to request STS’ advise on how to complete the application process. STS works with many Program Coordinators to help facilitate Program registration without payment.

 If you have any questions about the application process OR if you need assistance, you may

      1) Contact STS by email at

      2) Call an STS member at 614-370-1912

      3) Write to:

                                Support for Talented Students, Inc.

                                Scholarship Committee

                                2200 Lane Woods Drive

                                Columbus, OH  43221

Sponsor Recommendation:  Each applicant must be sponsored and referred to STS by a public or private school gifted coordinator, classroom teacher, school psychologist, guidance counselor, or other qualified educator from the child’s current school who can certify that the child has been identified as gifted or talented according to the Rule of the State of Ohio.  See 

Applicants must have a sponsor from their school.

In the Columbus City Schools district, students do not need to submit the sponsor's form; STS will obtain the sponsor's recommendation through the Columbus Gifted program.

In districts outside the Columbus City Schools, students must have the sponsor complete a recommendation form and verify the student's gifted identification.  Sponsors can complete that form from the website.

Terms and Conditions

1.       If the child is awarded a scholarship, the scholarship money will be held by STS until the program informs STS that it has received that child’s completed activity application and has enrolled the child in a session; STS will then send the program the amount of the award for the child.

2.       If the Program's application process is only available on-line and it requires payment to complete its application process, contact STS by email, by phone or by US mail to assist in completing the Program application process. STS works with many Program coordinators to facilitate acceptance where payment may be made by STS on behalf of the parent/guardian.

3.       If the child is awarded a scholarship but decides not to attend the program, STS will retain the scholarship.

4.       A child who is accepted into a program and for whom tuition has been sent by STS is EXPECTED TO ATTEND that program. IF THE CHILD DOES NOT ATTEND THE SCHEDULED PROGRAM, STS will receive the refund and return it into the STS general scholarship fund.

5.       Occasionally, for reasons over which STS has no control, some popular programs close their enrollments before STS scholarship candidates get the chance to apply for them. If your child should be closed out of a program, and if you have properly submitted your application to the program according to our instructions, STS will work with you and the program administrators to try to place your child in another program or session of similar interest and approximately equal cost.


Instructions for the STS Scholarship Application





The STS application must be submitted online by March 31, 2017 {REVISED} using the Blue Box Link or the application must be mailed via postal service to the address below postmarked by March 31, 2017.  The application may be downloaded, completed and emailed to or mailed to the address noted. 

Be Prepared to Complete the Application: An on-line application is preferred. Before beginning the application process, be sure to have the following information on hand:

1.       Summer Program Details (name, date, cost, website).

2.       Previous Year Tax Return (or other income verification).

3.       School’s Gifted or Talented Sponsor Contact Information.

4.       Student Statement using the topic guideline listed below.  We recommend having your child type the essay in a word processing program and then copy and paste the essay into the space on the application or include the printed essay with the application form.

Student Statement (to be written by the student):  In a short paragraph, what do you hope to learn in this program that is new and different for you?  (We already know you will do fun things and make new friends, so please share the other things you hope to gain from the program.)

E-Mail scanned application and income verification forms to   OR

Mail application and income verification forms to:

Support for Talented Students, Inc.

Scholarship Committee

2200 Lane Woods Drive

Columbus, OH  43221


Notifications: Children’s parents/guardians will be notified after April 1, 2017 of the application status; the programs will be notified by April 8.

Scholarship Financial Support Welcomed: It is through the generosity of our contributors and partners that STS is able to provide summer opportunities for Central Ohio students. 

If you are a parent/guardian, a payment of any portion of the program cost, reduces the funds required from STS and allows some funds to be used for other students: thank you.

If you are a non- parent/guardian interested in making a tax-deductible contribution, please send a check to the address below. A tax deduction form may be downloaded from the STS Welcome Home Page.